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The Color Glo Simcoe Newmarket vinyl repair service is a great way to get any vinyl repair job done right! We repair and restore vinyl found in the home, your vehicle, boat, aircraft, or commercial spaces. Did you know 70% of furniture sold these days is mostly made of vinyl? Automobiles have vinyl throughout, covering steering wheels, seats, and even doors. If you’ve logged a ton of hours on your boat over the summer and now have stains and damage to your seats, no need to worry. Simply contact Color Glo Simcoe. Have a rip, cut, tear or stain on your home, RV or cabin furniture? We’ve got you covered. We offer onsite service to repair, restore and re-dye your vinyl.

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For effective vinyl restoration in the Newmarket area, the experts at Color Glo Simcoe are your best bet! At our professional vinyl repair service in the Barrie, we repair and re-dye both hard and soft vinyl commonly found in vehicle interiors, boats, ATVs, furniture, jackets, hand bags, shoes, accessory items, and more. The services we offer include re-dying services, repairs to holes, scuff marks, tears and fading, and stain removal of beverages, food, suntan lotion, body oils and various other stains. The products we use to re-dye are water based, nontoxic, and odourless.

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Before you go out and replace your damaged vinyl products or even purchase a brand new boat or vehicle, contact our team at Color Glo Simcoe and see if our vinyl repair and restoration services might be a better solution! We are so confident in our craftsmanship that we offer a full 1-year warranty on all repairs, and that includes repairs to any and all vinyl plagued by tears and stains! We also guarantee repairs will be done on time, professionally, by our highly trained technicians, using the most advanced and proven technologies available. We look forward to serving you! Give us a call today.

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