Vehicle Restoration Services

Vehicle Leather Repair

Wear and tear is inevitable over time! The interior of your vehicle will likely see spills, tears, and other damages. We can help make your car’s interior look like new again with our specialized leather repair services! Let us know how we can help with your leather repair needs.

Vehicle Vinyl Repair

Automobiles have vinyl throughout—covering steering wheels, seats, and even doors. Color Glo Simcoe offers onsite services to repair, restore and re-dye the hard and soft vinyl commonly found in your vehicle interiors. For a top quality Vinyl repair, go with Color Glo Simcoe.

Vehicle Plastics Repair

It’s a common issue for vehicle dashboards or door moldings to crack, become faded or stained over time. Color Glo Simcoe offers repair and re-dying services for hard plastics. We can restore plastic materials so they look and feel new again. Let us help with your plastic restoration.

Vehicle Fabric Repair

Over the years, the interior of your vehicle will see many spills, rips, burns and more. Sometimes all it takes is the drop of a cigarette butt, or the snag of a belt bucket to damage your vehicle's interior. We can help you turn back time with our quality fabric repair service.

Headlight Restoration

If you have old, faded, dull, or stained headlights or tail lights, Color Glo Simcoe can restore them at a fraction of the cost of replacement. In just a few simple steps, we can make your lights crystal clear again. Our vehicle restoration company in Barrie offers onsite mobile services to boot!

Vehicle Carpet Repair

Do you have stains from beverages or food in your vehicle? Most people do. Color Glo Simcoe offers a comprehensive vehicle restoration service in Newmarket to render your vehicle’s carpets to a like-new condition. For a top quality carpet repair, choose Color Glo Simcoe.

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