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The Color Glo Simcoe boat restoration company in Simcoe restores carpet, fabric, leather, plastic and vinyl—which means any and all couches, carpets, kitchens, and interiors found within your boat are fully restorable. Color Glo is a leader in restoration and repair of leather, vinyl, velour, cloth, and hard plastics commonly found in the marine market. Color Glo products are proven everyday to offer the incredible results and the best value out there—every time. Our focus is restoring and repairing common defects such as worn and faded interior components including leather upholstery, headliners, burns, and broken plastic or composite molding. All of these are common issues found in many boats today.

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Time and use may have taken their toll on your once beautiful boat. Maybe you’re considering buying brand new vinyl or plastic seating or even replacing your boat altogether. But there is another way. Color Glo Simcoe can entirely restore the interior of your hard earned watercraft and recreational vehicles. Whether it is vinyl, carpet, or even hard plastic, we can make the interior of your boat look new again. You may even find our products make your boat look better than before! Color Glo specialists can perform the following services: seat and bed repair, boat tops restoration, engine enclosures restoration, mildew removal, hard plastic repair, and more!

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Do you have stains from beverages or food muddying your boat’s otherwise pristine appearance? Color Glo Simcoe cleans and restores your boat carpets to so they look new again: clean and unsullied. Or maybe you’re just tired of the color of your boat carpet and want a change. If this is the case, our Color Glo specialists offers color restoration & re-dying services as well. Give our team of experts a call today for a free quote, or more information on any of the above. We would be delighted to help.

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